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    Halo 4 Stuff


    Halo 4 Stuff Empty Halo 4 Stuff

    Post by Guest on Fri Nov 02, 2012 7:39 pm

    I called it "Stuff" since i didnt know what else to call it xD

    Here are some links for some more info on Armor Abilities, Characters, Armor Upgrades and more:

    H4 Gameplay

    H4 Game Modes

    H4 Game Types

    H4 Maps & Missions

    H4 Specializations

    Halo Story

    H4 Characters

    H4 Ordnance & Armor

    H4 Screenshots

    H4 Trailers

    H4 Gameplay Videos

    H4 Behind The Scenes

    H4 Soundtrack

    Keep in mind that some of these pages arent fully updated with everything. I personally looked at every link! Im a nerd i know Razz
    I so cant wait for all the features H4 has to offer. I cant wait till Monday at Midnight Smile

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