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    Site Rules

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    ONI Section 3 Operative

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    Site Rules

    Post by RAVEN on Wed Jul 04, 2012 1:56 pm

    This is where you will find the rules concerning this site. Some of these rules might be the same as the clan rules. Others will be different.


    Be respectful. This means to EVERYONE. Disrespect WILL NOT be tolerated.

    No pornographic images or representations of any kind will be tolerated. I will ban you if I see it.

    No spamming or necro-posting. If you need an explaination of what these are, ask around.

    Sig Banners will be no larger than 750x250. Anything larger than that, and you will be asked to reduce the size.
    You can have no more than 2 items in your sig banner area. Anymore and load times will drag down. We do not want that.

    More rules will be added as I come up with them.

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